Transformer Reviews

Age of Extinction

Autobot Crosshairs

Voyager Evasion Prime

Leader Class Grimlock

Voyager Class Grimlock

Voyager Hound

Deluxe Lockdown

Dinobot Slug and Scorn

Dinobot Strafe

Combiner Wars:

Combiner Wars Brawl

Combiner Wars Dragstrip

Combiner Wars Firefly

Combiner Wars Motormaster

Combiner Wars Armada Megatron

Combiner Wars Rook

Combiner Wars Swindle

Combiner Wars Ultra Magnus


FOC Blastoff

FOC Brawl

FOC Kickback

FOC Optimus Prime

FOC Shockwave

FOC Soundwave

FOC Swindle

FOC Ultra Magnus

FOC Vortex

Generations Arcee

Generations Armada Starscream

Generations Minicon Assault Team

Generations Brainstorm

Generations Blitzwing

Generations Chromia

Generations Jetfire Leader Class (thrilling thirty)

Generations Orion Pax

Generations Rattrap

Generations Scoop

Generations Springer

Generations Tankor

Generations Trailcutter

Generations Whirl

Generations Windblade

Takara Nightbird


TF Prime Arcee First Edition

TF Prime  Bulkhead

TF Prime Deadend

TF Prime Dreadwing

TF Prime Cyberverse Ironhide

TF Prime Cyberverse Ultra Magnus

TF Prime Cyberverse Energon Driller

TF Prime Deadend

TF Prime Hotshot

TF Prime Knockout

TF Prime Cyberverse Starhammer and Wheeljack

TF Prime Cyberverse Starscream

TF Prime Voyager Megatron

TF Prime Voyager Optimus Prime

TF Prime Weaponizer Prime

TF Prime Rumble

TF Prime Sargent Kup

TF Prime Voyager Starscreamer

TF Prime Starscream First Edition (Repaint)

TF Prime Vehicon

TF Prime Skyquake

Beast Hunters

TF Beast Hunters Dreadwing

TF Beast Hunters Lazerback

TF Beast Hunters Optimus Prime

TF Beast Hunters Predaking

TF Beast Hunters Ratchet

TF Beast Hunters Ultra Magnus

Titans Return:

Titans Return Scourge

Titans Return Skullsmasher


Master Piece Iron Hide

Master Piece Prowl

Master Piece Shockwave

Masterpiece Starsaber

Master Piece Wheeljack

TF Shattered Glass Ultra Magnus

TF RID Grimlock


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