3rd Party, Transformers/Other Reviews

Third Party

Corbot V War Axe!

Cubex Ancestor Rebuilder Engineer Huff

Bad Cube Sunsurge

Dr. Wu Sky Breaker Sword!

DX-9 Salmoor

DX-9 War In Pocket Doombringers!

Mech Ideas Demolition Crue

Master Mind Creations Azalea

Master Mind Creations Bovis

Master Mind Creations Commutus

Master Mind Creations Fortis

Master Mind Creations Screecher

Master Mind Creations Leo Dux

Master Mind Creations Seraphicus Prominom

Make Toys Blind Fire

Make Toys Celeritas

Make Toys Chaos

Make Toys Metalstorm

Make Toys Mobine

Make Toys Overheat

Make Toys Quantron

Make Toys Sonic Drill

Make Toys Trash-Talk and Cog Wheel

Fan Toys Quakewave

Fans Projects Sigma L

Fans Project Steel Core

Fans Project Warbot Revolver

Fan Projects T-Bone

Fan Projects Car Crash

Fans Project Quadruple U

Fans Project Smart Robin

Fans Project Browning II

Fans Project Dinoni

Fans Project Dinosan

Fans Project Dinoshi

Toy World Hardbone

Unique Toys Mania King

Unique Toys Sharkies

Warbotron Airburst

Warbotron Fierce Attack

Warbotron Heavy Noisy

Warbotron Slystrike

Warbotron Whirlwind

Warbotron Combined


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