About Starscreamer’s Rants

I’m an avid collector of action figures. Have been into it for almost a decade. From Transformers to Japanese anime/live action I have a heck of a collection. This blog is to showcase the good, the rocking and the utter fail of these figures. I hope it is fun for you the reader as it is for me to write. As always I encourage people to contact me with requests, comments or just to say hi!

All pictures taken on this site are taken by me for figures I purchased. I haven’t been bribed (yet) or given any incentive (still…yet…) to alter my judgments.


All photos and blog entries written/shot in my blog is of my own personal hobby and opinion.. 3rd party images/articles/materials/videos used are credited to their respective owners. I will not be responsible for copyright issues nor infringement thereof for 3rd-party images/articles i choose to post on my blog. I do not represent or authorized their usage. Reposting of my blog images is acceptable with written permission from myself and a courtesy link back to this blog. If there’s any infringement issues, do send me a private message and i will gladly obliged.


One comment on “About Starscreamer’s Rants

  1. Hi, thanks for the like on one of my review. I’ll check your review too soon.

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