SH Figuarts Kamen Rider Gills

krgills (13)

After Agito, there was Gills. A more “Bio” themed Rider, this poor guy was suffering cellular degeneration his first few transformations. Needless to say, did not help his temper. I can also say, one of the coolest Figuarts I have in my collection to date!

krgills (1)

Gills is the most organic rider I have at the moment. He is more of a total creature than a guy in armor. A dark green, with matte black touched with gold, the coloring just flows around him. Of course the trade mark compound eyes and silver for his helmet just finish out the details. Gills belt also has a clear plastic gem that has a nice sparkle factor, not to mention the belt has this neat engraving in it as well.

krgills (20)

Really no detail was left off this guy.

krgills (3)krgills (4)

One thing that sets him apart from the rest is his shoulders. Almost all have shoulder pads of some kind that cover the socket, so when it moves you don’t see the gap. Gills armor is molded on both his upper arm and his shoulder, so if miss-aligned, yes you see the gap (left picture). Now when lined up properly it all looks natural. Literally, his armor is more like chitin, but then that keeps his theme

krgills (5)

Just look at this guy! He is a bundle of rage! You can see by the look on his face…oh wait, hold now…let me change the face…

krgills (6)

In Kamen Rider Agito, when Gills got mad, he mouth would actually open in a berserker fury. Figuarts gives us the ability to replicate that, but unlike Agito where he had a new face…

KRAgito (4) Sorry, I just LOVE that picture…

Gills has a total head swap!

krgills (12)awww, they look cute together…

Not just the head, but the crests are swappable as well so you can have him in his battle state or normal with either expression.

Let’s talk about the accessories on Gills now, for he has more than just the changeable heads and usual hands

krgills (10) Wait..what?

Gills is almost a Revoltech with all the stuff you can pop off and switch.

krgills (11)

We have four sets of hands, fists, claws, gripping and beckoning/guiding hands. The two heads (I guess that is better than one), two crests for the above the shoulder options. His heel spurs pop off, and we have the extended versions. His foot also popped off easy, so I have it standing there on it’s toe, because it balances that good. Then we have the arms, where the wrist spikes pop off. With that we have extended spikes/blades, and we have the whips.

These things are freaking cool! They plug into the wrist spots (see title picture) and appear to come in 3 basic pieces. The anchor, an end with a tip, and a middle for length. Remember how I said this is like a revoltech? yeah, you can pull off the anchor and the tip, so you can make one super freaking long whip, or a really short one. Case in point…

krgills (14) Favorite picture from this shoot…

Now at that length, is quite bendy, but hey, it is cool to know you can do it.

Don’t forget we have the blades for close combat as well. These are in the same gold, and look like Gills is ready to rip out someone’s throat.

krgills (16)

Finally the heel spurs round off the special features for Gills final attack. It was a chore to get him in the position mind you…but it can be done!

krgills (17)

I am very pleased with Figuarts Gills. One of the coolest Riders out there, not to mention the first secondary Rider of the current generation of Masked Riders.

He can be purchased at a more than reasonable price. I think you will be happy he is in your collection.




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